Bringing you some of the brightest stars of Season 8 at specially reduced prices for a limited time only!

To celebrate the release of Doctor Who Season 8 on Blu-ray, we are offering EIGHT titles at EIGHT pounds.

The real life story of the flamboyant leading star of the series, Jon Pertwee is told in his autobiography Moon Boots and Dinner Suits; available in paperback, and also as an abridged audiobook read by Terry Molloy.

Roger Delgado made his debut in Season 8, and his life is documented for the first time in the biography I Am Usually Referred To As The Master, filled with fascinating new research by Marcus K.Harmes.

If you fancy trying some fiction, then look no further than the action packed Operation H.A.T.E. written by UNIT’s own Richard Franklin.

Bob Baker and Dave Martin’s first ever Doctor Who serial was the third story in Season 8. The Claws of Axos, and all of Bob’s other Doctor Who work is covered in his autobiography K9 Stole My Trousers.

Finally we are including three of our popular Who Talk range. So if you are watching your shiny new set and fancy having some of the people involved in making it talking along, then check out REU.N.I.T.ED, The Claws of Axos and The Daemons, which include stars such as Katy Manning, Richard Franklin and John Levene.

Sale closes midnight on Tuesday 16th March, whilst stocks last. Fantom receive the right to alter the promotion at any time. Click here for the full ist of products!