The Queen of the Silver Screen

Queen of the Silver Screen

Lyndsy Spence’s definitive biography of actress Margaret Lockwood entitled Queen of the Silver Screen is now available in paperback. Best known for her classic award-winning films The Lady Vanishes, The Man in Grey and The Wicked Lady, Margaret Lockwood is a twentieth-century icon of stage and screen.

“A lot of discrepancies have attached themselves to Margaret’s legacy,” says author Lyndsy Spence, “and my book will correct those errors. We will learn about an actress who was not only driven in her career but a woman who was dedicated to her only child and loyal to those around her.”

“Despite playing ‘wicked ladies’ onscreen, she possessed strong principles in her private and professional life,” continues Lyndsy. “Her story is fascinating and, as a strong woman in an age when men ruled the roost, she remains an inspiration for me.”

This in-depth biography offers a fresh perspective on an independent woman who was intensely private away from the spotlight and whose life was unlike anything that was reported in the press.

You can order Queen of the Silver Screen at the launch price of £10.99 (plus postage) until the end of October. Purchase your copy today.