New Title Tuesday: Victorian Ghost Anthologies

This week we unleash two brand new spine-tingling supernatural story collections on audio CD just in time for Halloween!

Featuring the very best Victorian short ghost stories, all written by incredibly talented, but often overlooked or forgotten, female and male authors. Once you tire of Dickens and James, these are the true masters of short-form suspense!

A Victorian Lady’s Ghostly Anthology is read by Billie Fulford-Brown and features four stories; “A Mysterious Visitor” by Ellen Wood; “The Ghost of the Treasure Chamber” by Emily Arnold; “Number Two, Melrose Square” by Theo Gift aka Dora Havers and “Christmas Eve in Beach House” by Eliza Lynn Linton. This collection is released over three CDs priced £13.99.

A Victorian Gentleman’s Ghostly Anthology is read by John Banks and includes; “The Steel Mirror” by W.W. Fenn; “A Real Country Ghost Story” by Albert Smith; “Walsham Grange: A Real Ghost Story” by E. Morant Cox; “Haunted” by Coulson Kernahan and “The Doll’s Ghost” by F. Marion Crawford. The set comprises of twelve stories presented on four discs priced £15.99.

Until the end of the month you can purchase these releases for only £9.99 each!