Fanny Cradock’s Got Christmas Wrapped Up!

The undisputed queen of the 1970’s Christmas kitchen is finally back in print once more to save your festivities!

Fanny Cradock. Christmas. They go together like mushrooms and turkeys. Mincemeat and omelettes. Choux buns and goo. But where can you find all her Fanny-tastic recipes? She rattles through them on screen so quickly, moving on to the next even before poor old Sara has a chance to whip away the still-needed spatulas… After all, Fanny tells us that there is no need to worry, it’s all in the booklet after all.

‘It’s all in the booklet!’ has become the catchphrase and social media hashtag most associated with the annual screenings of the classic Fanny Cradock series, Fanny Cradock Cooks for Christmas. Fans worldwide excitedly share their squeals of delight as Christmastime approaches. Stocks of green food-colouring diminish on the supermarket shelves. Hardware stores have an unexpected rush on those normally hard-to-sell garden secateurs. Trembling hands reach into wardrobes up and down the land to grab tightly onto the pink chiffon lurking within… but who has the elusive copies of the booklet?

Now, you really can join in. Watch the shows. Read all about the dishes. Plan the party. Raise your drawn-on eyebrows to the roof. Wrinkle your nose to the imaginary audience through the pretend camera lens. It’s All in the Booklet – Festive Fun with Fanny, provides a humorous romp-a-long with the Christmas classics, helping households to host their own Fanny Cradock-inspired Christmas soirées. Using pictures from Fanny’s original 1970s photographer, author Kevin Geddes, (of Keep Calm and Fanny On! The Many Careers of Fanny Cradock) guides us all through each episode to ensure we have the skills and knowledge to make a Fanny feast for your family, friends, or indeed for those nasty neighbours you never liked very much.

Order now for dispatch in time for Christmas. Orders through the website come with a limited edition badge and postcard set whilst stocks last.