New Novel from Geoffrey Beevers

Joe in 1990 and Kassey in 2050 need each other but how can they meet across the time barrier?

Better known to science-fiction fans as playing The Master in Doctor Who, Geoffrey has found new fame in recent years as a script writer and novelist, and this month Fantom release his third novel Superseeds.

Geoffrey explains that his new book fits with his earlier novels The Forgotten Fields and The Progress Road “…as a kind of loose trilogy, in that they all probe into the future, and play with the idea of time and what are the implications for the future of the way we live now.”

“One early inspiration for Superseeds was thinking about the idea of communicating across time and space and how difficult it might really be in practice; it’s so often taken for granted in science fiction. So I first thought of it as a kind of impossible love story between scientists across time.”

Geoffrey continues “I was also interested in the science of genetic engineering, and wondered what would happen if one corporation captured a great advance in the technology and was able to impose a monoculture on the world…”

“There were many ideas in the air in the early 90s which I used. The controversy over GM foods, and the fascination with the intelligence of whales, are still unresolved today. Terrorism and social unrest are more immediate problems than they seemed then. And though I was writing before the age of the Internet, or social media, nevertheless the power that large corporations have to impose a monoculture on our lives is surely more relevant than ever!”

Superseeds is released exclusively via Fantom Publishing on Monday 26th November. All pre-orders will be signed by the author.