New Title Tuesday: Keep Calm and Fanny On

Keep calm this month Fantom Publishing releases a brand new biography of the first television celebrity cook Fanny Cradock!

Mention the name ‘Fanny Cradock’ to anyone, young or old, and they tend to simply snigger, make an innuendo-heavy reference to doughnuts or squirm at the thought of long-forgotten meals disguised under layer-upon-layer of ever-increasingly bizarre food-colourings and flourishes of garnish. She is, at least, remembered. She was hard to forget.

“I wanted to write a new biography of Fanny Cradock to set the record straight” explains writer Kevin Geddes, “…she had an amazing life, she excelled in many careers and she paved the way for others to follow in her heavy footsteps…”

“My biography balances out the myths that she helped to create, and the ones that have emerged since her death, which have kept her in all our minds since, often for all the wrong reasons. I hope people will learn more about the real Fanny Cradock, and appreciate all the wonderful things she got up to, as well as the trying behind the many headlines she has created.”

Fanny Cradock had many careers; she was the mistress of reinvention before Madonna had even considered it. She was an entrepreneur, business-woman, activist, journalist, food critic, travel guru, food demonstrator, fiction writer, children’s author, cookbook creator, media personality and, as she is most remembered, a television cook – the first ‘celebrity chef’. Fanny deliberately created the over-the-top persona which catapulted her into the living rooms of millions of British viewers in the 1950s, riding high as the ‘television celebrity chef’ until the 1970s, enabling her to remain in the hearts and minds of the public to this day.

Keep Calm and Fanny On – The Many Careers of Fanny Cradock takes an amusing, entertaining and lively look at her life and work. Expertly and meticulously researched in her own archives and others, through speaking to those who knew her best – friends, family, colleagues, and those fortunate enough to experience her charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent over the decades.

With a Foreword from Nicholas Parsons and contributions from her assistants and family members as well Dame Esther Rantzen, Gyles Brandreth, Sir David Attenborough, Nick Owen, Prue Leith, Diana Henry and Evangeline Evans, Keep Calm and Fanny On – The Many Careers of Fanny Cradock re-draws, re-evaluates and re-tells the remarkable story of Fanny Cradock.

“Her legacy has been diluted in the twenty-five years since she died, the focus has been on her appearance, her treatment of assistants and her complicated private life. She was a pioneer. An entrepreneur. A one-off.”

Keep Calm and Fanny On – The Many Careers of Fanny Cradock will be published on 21st October 2019, priced £19.99. Pre-order your copy now!