Wilson, Keppel and Betty in Paperback!

They sound like a firm of solicitors and look like a bunch of Tutankhamen’s hieroglyphs that fancied a boogie. To many they are the epitome of the bizarre speciality act, shuffling through silver sands during the golden era of British variety. Very little is known about the iconic trio… until now.

This lovingly pieced together story of their lives, onstage and off, reveals for the first time the flirtatious Irish dandy with the dicky ticker, the scruffy Liverpudlian party animal, and the teenage tearaway turned tap-shoed temptress who abruptly changed career and became a frequently outspoken war reporter.

“Only a handful of articles have ever been written about Wilson, Keppel and Betty, but most have heavily relied on the trio’s own publicity…” says author Alan Stafford, “What I learnt is that their publicity wasn’t to be trusted, they invented a fictional past. Too Naked for the Nazis is the most accurate account of their lives that you will ever read.”

“If you already know about Wilson, Keppel and Betty, this book will tell you far more. If you have any interest in vaudeville, variety, circus or cabaret, then these are the worlds they lived and worked in. And if you can’t quite understand why such a prominent female war correspondent and Nuremberg Trials reporter has been largely wiped from history, then this is the book you’ve been waiting for.”

Now released in paperback (£12.99), this edition contains several newly-discovered rare photos.