Fright 3: Mathilda

Our third fright offer is an unabridged reading of a fictional story from the legendary horror author Mary Shelley.

Mathilda was Mary Shelley’s second long fiction work, and was published posthumously in 1959, over a hundred years after it was written. Dealing with controversial themes such as incest and suicide, it is a gripping work, which some critics have taken to be autobiographical.

Shelley is, of course, most famous for her first full length fiction novel, Frankenstein (or The Modern Prometheus), published in 1818. Apparently, it was the suggestion of Lord Byron whilst holidaying near Lake Geneva that they all try writing a ghost story that provided the genesis of this literary classic. Countless cinematic and televisual interpretations have followed, cementing Shelley’s association with the horror genre.

Mathilda is read by Sarah Douglas, best known as Ursa in the Superman motion pictures. The story is presented in unabridged format and is published by Fantom exclusively on CD, priced £13.99.