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Who Talk is excited to announce two brand new commentaries.

  • The Stones of Blood features contributions from John Leeson, Susan Engel, Nicholas McArdle, Shirin Taylor, Carolyn Montagu and Darrel Blake.
  • World's End is a brand new commentary for The Daleks Invasion of Earth and features contributions from Carole Ann Ford, Ann Davies, Robert Aldous, David Graham, Peter Badger, Nick Evans, Clive Doig, Spencer Chapman and Richard Martin.
  • The special edition bonus disc features an archival stage panel with Bernard Kay and Ann Davies. 

For further information you can read the full news article here.

Toby Hadoke

About Who Talk

With over ten years experience, Fantom Publishing has released a vast number of biographical and cult television related titles in both print and audio. Together with organising over 100 Doctor Who events and celebrity signings this gives Fantom the unique position to bring together cast and crew of various television episodes under a new series of commentaries entitled Who Talks.

All commentaries are released independently of the BBC and do not feature any copyrighted material. Released on CD and Download these audios are designed to be played alongside the official BBC release.

Who Talk is moderated by Toby Hadoke.