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We celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who’s U.N.I.T. with two new releases from Who Talk available right now!

U.N.I.T. made its debut in the 1968 Doctor Who story The Invasion, and has been a favourite element with fans ever since, returning time and again to aid The Doctor battle alien foes. The first release this month is REU.N.I.T.ED, which is a selection of episodes from different stories.

“The thrill of this collection was gathering Katy Manning, John Levene and Richard Franklin together to record a commentary for the first time,” says producer Paul W T Ballard. “Their love and enthusiasm is truly infectious, and there’s a lot of laughter!”

The U.N.I.T. trio watch episodes from The Mind of Evil, and for the special edition, two episodes of Terror of the Autons.

“We’ve got a great friendship with John Levene, and he loves coming in to studio to do commentaries with us, which has meant that we’ve been able to cover a lot of stories which he hasn’t commentated over before. One of those is Terror of the Zygons, which has never had any form of cast commentary, and John very kindly revisited what was actually quite a difficult period of the show for him.”

Elsewhere on the release there is a commentary with Katy Manning and Richard Franklin for The Time Monster, whilst Michael Ferguson and Margot Hayhoe give their remembrances of The Ambassadors of Death.

The second release covers Doctor Who’s tenth anniversary special The Three Doctors.

The Three Doctors is a huge fan favourite,” says Paul, “and there was a tremendous amount of scope for contributors to watch it with us.”

Joining Toby Hadoke to watch the serial over the course of four episodes (and one bonus, alternative for episode three) are Katy Manning, John Levene, Terrance Dicks, Bob Baker, Stephen Thorne, David Tilley and Laurie Webb.

“Laurie is an absolute legend,” smiles Paul. “He came dressed immaculately in his suit, and at the incredible age of 93, demonstrated how to do press-ups properly in the green room. His reaction to seeing his Doctor Who for the first time was just joyous.”

These CDs are very limited, and exclusively available via

Both sets are now available, you can purchase them direct from Who Talk at a discounted price of £10.99 each (RRP £12.99) or via download priced £9.99. The special edition bundle will be available exclusively via this website priced £39.99. Due to demand the Special Edition bundle is also available to download.