New Who Talk: Robots and Pirates!

We proudly present two brand new Who Talk releases covering a couple of Tom Baker classic stories this month!

The first release this month is a story that will be fresh in the minds of a lot of listeners, thanks to the recent release of Season 14 on blu ray.

The Robots of Death is a story I have always loved, whether that be on edited VHS, unedited VHS, DVD, special edition DVD or blu ray,” laughs producer Paul W T Ballard. “It’s such a stylish and compelling serial, and it was great to reunite some of the cast and crew to watch it again.”

Brian Croucher is on top form for this, and we are also joined by Gregory de Polnay, Pamela Salem and David Tilley, and also David Collings for what would sadly be his last recording with us.”

“Quite by chance we were recording on Gregory’s birthday, so we got to sing Happy Birthday and have cake with D84!” smiles Paul. “We also recorded an alternative track for the opening episode with John Dorney and Joe Lidster, both of whom offer great insight on the story.”

The Robots of Death is moderated by Toby Hadoke, and features Pamela Salem, David Collings, Gregory de Polnay, Brian Croucher, David Tilley, John Dorney and Joseph Lidster.

The second release of the month sends us on the hunt for another segment of the Key to Time.

The Pirate Planet was Douglas Adams’s first script for the series, and it’s packed full with ideas,” enthuses Paul. “The guest cast had a great time reuniting for this, but if you thought you knew the serial well, you’ll realise how little you did know once you’ve listened to novelist James Goss discussing its origins and development.”

“We also have a bonus disc on the special edition featuring Michael Owen Morris, who would later direct for the show, and K9 himself, John Leeson,” says Paul. “All in all, we’ve almost made two entirely new complete commentaries for the serial!”

The Pirate Planet is moderated by Toby Hadoke, and features David Warwick, Rosalind Lloyd, David Sibley and James Goss. The Special Edition also features John Leeson and Michael Owen Morris.