The War of the Worlds

H.G. Wells New Audio Books

Often described as the “father of science fiction”, Fantom is thrilled to announce a new series of unabridged readings from the pen of H.G. Wells.

In a collection of brand new recordings co-produced with Spokenworld Audio, John Banks narrates six classic titles including;

  • The War of the Worlds in which a meteor-like alien object lands on Earth, spearheading an apocalyptic chain of events.
  • A mysterious stranger in a long-sleeved coat, with a bandaged face and wide-brimmed hat, arrives in a small English village. But his incongruous appearance is nothing compared to the secret of the clandestine experiments he is undertaking in The Invisible Man.
  • A Victorian scientist known only as the Time Traveller creates a machine capable of moving through the fourth dimension in The Time Machine.
  • The First Men in the Moon sees two unlikely friends propelled on a journey to the moon as a result of an experimental accident. But a whole new universe of terrors await them…

We finish this series with two short story collections Twelve Stories and a Dream and The Door in the Wall.
All six audio books are available at a discounted price of £70 (£85 for overseas customers) saving an astounding £28.94.