Catherine Schell: When God Was Out To Lunch

When God Was Out To Lunch is the much-anticipated second autobiographical book from Catherine Schell available from Fantom Publishing.

Following on from the critically acclaimed A Constant Alien, When God Was Out To Lunch picks up the story as Catherine and her husband Bill make a life changing decision to move to France.

“We are hugely thrilled to be publishing this book,” says Paul Ballard of Fantom Pubishing. “A Constant Alien only took Catherine’s story up until the latter end of her acting career. But life out of the limelight provides even more fascinating tales.”

“Catherine’s writing is so engaging and vivid, the story of moving to France is captured with a elegance and potency, and I think readers will really enjoy finding out what happened When God Was Out To Lunch.”

How were they to know when they bought the little ruin in deepest France with the sweet name “Valentin” painted across its crumbling façade, that this purchase would be their salvation?

She was a well-known actress, he a respected television and theatre director, both leaving behind all that they knew to begin a great, unscripted adventure together in a new country.

Immigrating to rural France, they opened a very theatrical, British guest house, where all human life was welcomed. With a colourful cast of characters, the story of their life in France is in part bizarre, hilarious, shocking and sometimes tragic, but always fascinating.

When God Was Out To Lunch is launched at the Cinema Museum on 12th June, and signed copies will be available after the event, whilst stocks last. Released in hardback, this volume is priced £19.99.