Just in time for Christmas; a new pair of Who Talk releases to see 2018 out with a bang!

The first release is a story which has just celebrated its fortieth anniversary, The Stones of Blood.

“The Stones of Blood is one of my all time favourite stories,” explains producer Paul W T Ballard. “There’s something about it I have always enjoyed, and the commentary track was an absolute blast to record.”

Giving her first ever interview about Doctor Who is Carolyn Montagu, who was production assistant on the serial.

“Carolyn has been friends with Darrol Blake the director for years, and infact the two of them are neighbours, so they have a great rapport. It’s great to discover new voices to discuss these familiar serials, although I have to say Darrol has an amazing level of energy and enthusiasm about his work, which meant he was practically banging the his hand on the studio window when he sat out for an episode!”

The Stones of Blood Who Talk release is moderated by Toby Hadoke, and features John Leeson, Susan Engel, Nicholas McArdle, Carolyn Montagu and Darrol Blake, and an addition alternative track for episode three with Shirin Taylor.

The second release this month is from the era of the First Doctor, William Hartnell.

“The Dalek Invasion of Earth is the first time the series went full out to do an action epic, and it’s a real landmark piece,” say Paul. “The original commentary didn’t really take advantage of the scope of contributors available, so we were able to rectify that with this new one.”

“Carole Ann Ford joins us once more, to look at her leaving story, and Richard Martin takes full advantage of not being confined to a PG release, with some very colourful anecdotes!” laughs Paul. “We were also joined by the delightful Ann Davies, and Nick Evans gave us the joyous low-down on ‘Slythering about’!”

The Who Talk release World’s End, an unofficial commentary for The Dalek Invasion of Earth, is moderated by Toby Hadoke, and features Carole Ann Ford, Ann Davies, David Graham, Nicholas Evans, Peter Badger, Spencer Chapman, Clive Doig and Richard Martin. A special edition, featuring an alternative track for episode three, and archive material, is also available.

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