Jack Wild’s Autobiography on Audio!

Jack Wild’s autobiography ‘It’s a Dodger’s Life’ is now available unabridged on audio CD, read by actor Richard Burnip.

Presented unabridged across 16 CDs, this is the story of actor Jack Wild who was propelled to stardom at the age of 15, until his tragic death from cancer at the age of 53. The audio edition is read by Richard Burnip.

Jack was just an ordinary young boy, whose talent was spotted by chance by a theatrical agent, and propelled onto the world stage through his performance in the 1968 film musical Oliver! It brought him an Oscar nomination and international stardom.

As his fame grew, Jack also began to battle with alcoholism, which eventually dominated most accounts of his life. After the glittery highs of the 60’s and 70’s came the “lost decade” of the 80’s; the lows of debts and sectioning under the Mental Health Act. The real story of this is here, in Jack’s own words.
But this isn’t a memoir of pity and darkness. Jack loved life, and loved his life. In the 90’s, and fully sober, Jack returned to the screen in films such as Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves. Even in the face of the tragic diagnosis of mouth cancer which eventually killed him, he remained resolutely optimistic about life.

His story contains vivid behind the scenes accounts of many great names he worked with, from British favourites such as Diana Dors and Ron Moody to international stars like Bing Crosby and Kevin Costner.
Completed by Jack’s widow Claire, the book is in Jack’s unique narrative voice with honesty, roguish charm and a breath-taking lack of self-pity.

As an extra bonus this audio edition includes a bonus extract of Jack reading an early draft of the book.

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