New Title Tuesday: Brand New Lovecraft on Audio

One of most influential American authors, Lovecraft wrote some of the best horror fantasy fiction of the 20th century.

Fantom have released two new collections, the first featuring the stories Herbert West – Reanimator and The Color out of Space.

What if the human body were just a complex organic machine? If it were possible to negate death by simply restarting the system?
That is the theory put forward by Herbert West, who with his specially invented serum, proposes to use his scientific skill to reanimate the deceased. But murder, cannibalism, and zombies, are amongst the world of terror awaiting those who meddle with the dead…

June 1882, a meteorite crashes onto the land of Nahum Gardner. It shrinks in size, but will not cool, but as it diminishes, it leaves behinds deposits of colour, a new colour which has never been seen before.
A year later and the crops have grown abundantly, but they are inedible, and it becomes clear that they have been infected. But this is only the beginning, and soon it is not only the crops and the cattle affected, but also the local population.
What alien creation has come to Arkham, and what horror will it unleash?

The second collection features The Dreams in the Witch House and The Lurking Fear.

When Walter Gilman rents an attic room at the Witch House in Arkham, Massachusetts, he opens his life up to a world of supernatural horror.
The house once harboured Keziah Mason, an accused witch who disappeared from a Salem jail in 1692 without any rational explanation. For the two centuries following, many of the attic’s occupants have died prematurely in mysterious circumstances.
As dreams and reality begin to blur, Gilman must take a trip to the city of Elder Things, and face the reality that Keziah’s evil force is far from dormant…

Tempest Mountain is an inhospitable place, plagued by terrible thunderstorms, and according to new reports, something altogether more destructive and fearsome.
When a journalist looks into local stories of monsters savaging the inhabitants, he opens up a web of intrigue and terror. What is the truth behind the Martense mansion, and what dark terror awaits in the shadows, offering the gift of death?

Each set is available unabridged, on triple CD priced £12.99 or on download for £9.99.