New Title Tuesday: Who and Me

This week we announce a brand new edition of former Doctor Who producer Barry Letts’s autobiography Who and Me.

“When the book was originally published in 2009,” explains Company Director, Dexter O’Neill, “Barry Letts was intending on writing a second volume to complete his story about his relationship with Doctor Who, however his death the same year meant that this ambition was never fulfilled. With the original book having been out of print for several years we felt now was the time to complete Barry’s story with new material.”

Barry got his first taste of Doctor Who in 1967 when he directed the six-part serial The Enemy of the World. In 1969, he took over as the show’s producer. The book is packed with behind-the-scenes gossip, production detail and witty anecdotes.

The 2021 edition of Who and Me contains two new articles; one from Michael Seely taking a look at Barry’s career, picking up where the original text finishes; and another, an extended interview with Barry discussing his contribution to Doctor Who in detail with Steve Hatcher.

Presented in hardback this edition also features new cover artwork from Connor Adkins.

The book recounts Barry Letts’s journey from struggling actor to successful producer, and the ups and downs of working on Doctor Who during the Jon Pertwee years!

Who and Me is available as a standard edition or as a special edition set featuring a five-postcard set (including the new cover artwork signed by Connor) and an audio CD of a stage interview with Barry Letts, Terrance Dicks and Katy Manning recorded in 2009. The special edition set is available for £29.99 and limited to 200 numbered copies, whilst the standard edition is available for £19.99.

Who and Me will be released before the end of August, and will be made available exclusively via the Fantom website before its general release later in the year.