Relive the Chaos: Victor Meldrew’s Hilarious Misadventures!

I don’t believe it! One Foot in the Grave celebrates 34 years since its TV debut in January 1990. Fantom Publishing takes readers on a nostalgic journey with two novelisations by the show’s creator, David Renwick. Reliving the comically chaotic life of Victor Meldrew, these novels encapsulate the essence of the grumpy yet endearing character.

The first book, originally published in 1992, reintroduces readers to Victor’s retirement. As a former security officer with Watson-Mycroft, Victor faces a string of absurd encounters – from a python in his flight bag to a dead tomcat in his freezer. These bizarre events, coupled with garden gnomes, a toe-curling rectal examination, and a peculiar Christmas Eve orgy, paint a vivid picture of Victor’s tumultuous year. This novel is reprinted here for the first time in over 30 years.

Victor’s war against the world continues in the 21st century in the new novelisation, One Foot in the Grave and Counting. His attempts at a new job lead to disasters, while an eerie mission unfolds in a spooky Yorkshire house, followed by unexpected entanglements and a bizarre train of events. Meanwhile, his wife, Margaret Meldrew, faces an emotional crisis, and Mrs. Warboys’ decision to befriend a convicted axe murderer in Arkansas adds yet another layer of absurdity.

Fantom Publishing offers fans a chance to relive Victor Meldrew’s escapades through a bundle featuring both novels, which for the next 48 hours only has been reduced to £35. The bundle includes both books signed by David Renwick and an exclusive tote bag.

Publisher Dexter O’Neill says “Renwick’s novels brilliantly encapsulate the chaotic essence of Victor Meldrew’s life. This dossier of disasters is something we can all identify with, as Victor confronts the madness and frustrations of everyday life!”

For enthusiasts seeking a dose of laughter and mayhem, these novels are a delightful opportunity to immerse oneself in the unforgettable mishaps of Victor Meldrew, reminding readers that life is never dull with One Foot in the Grave.