The Massacre

From France to Voga – brand new Who Talk!

Who Talk returns with another pair of releases to take the listener all the way from France to Voga!

The first release covers the Tom Baker era favourite Revenge of the Cybermen.

“Revenge came at quite a transitionary period for the show,” explains producer Paul W T Ballard, “so it was great to get a perspective from the incoming producer Philip Hinchcliffe as to what he was trying to achieve with the show. Roger Murray-Leach’s design work on the ark was very iconic, so it was also important to hear what he had to say about the serial.”

“The original DVD didn’t have a commentary from the director Michael E.Briant, so we took the opportunity to remedy that. We’re also joined by guest villains David Collings and Christopher Robbie, as well as David Sulkin OBE who gets to reminisce about being a Vogan!”

The second release this month is an unusual one in many ways.

The Massacre is our first full length commentary for a story for which there are no episodes or clips remaining at all. It was quite a bold move, but with so many of the serial’s key players still happy to come and discuss the show, it was an obviously choice,” says Paul.

“Not having the visuals didn’t hinder proceedings one bit, and I think they are an excellent set of commentaries. Donald Tosh gets particularly animated when discussing John Wiles’s reaction to the infamous Hartnell toast in the bonus commentary for The Daleks’ Master Plan.”

The standard edition of The Massacre contains commentaries on all four episodes, as well as a bonus track for the Christmas day episode The Feast of Steven, which was part of The Daleks’ Master Plan.

The special edition contains two additional commentaries; one with Peter Purves and Donald Tosh for the last episode of The Myth Makers, and one with Peter Purves on his last ever episode, The Savages part 4, as well as an archive interview with Delia Linden and Frances White from the Missing In Action Fantom Films convention.

These CDs are very limited, and exclusively available via

Both sets are now available, you can purchase them direct from Who Talk at a discounted price of £10.99 each (RRP £12.99) or via download priced £9.99. The special edition bundle will be available exclusively via this website priced £39.99.