Who Talk celebrates 40 Years of Talons

The Who Talk range welcomes Nicholas Pegg to moderate our special 40th anniversary commentary for The Talons of Weng-Chiang.

The final serial of the Hinchcliffe era, this story is a masterclass in horror and atmosphere from the pen of Doctor Who’s most revered writer, Robert Holmes. It also features the legendary Jago and Litefoot, as played by Christopher Benjamin and the late Trevor Baxter.

“Trevor and Christopher had a magical chemistry together, both on screen and off,” say producer Paul WT Ballard. “We were so sad to hear the news of Trevor’s passing, as he was always the perfect gentleman and a delight to work with. This release, however, serves as fitting tribute, and we’ve kept in a lovely little extra after the credits finish rolling, which raises a smile.”

Also featuring on the commentary are producer Philip Hinchcliffe, designer Roger Murray-Leach and costume designer John Bloomfield.

“Listening to these three gentleman discuss how they brought the serial to screen was absolutely fascinating,” enthuses Paul. “And we also get to hear some definitive thoughts on *that* rat…!”

The Talons of Weng-Chiang (along with October’s other release Adventures In Space) is available now as individual CDs and Downloads priced £10.99 or as a special edition bundle with extra material and covers signed by the cast!