New Title Tuesday: The Withdrawal

Fantom Publishing is thrilled to announce that the fourth novel from author and actor Geoffrey Beevers is now available.

Geoffrey was inspired to write the book after sitting in a pub when a CCTV camera outside swivelled and looked through the window at him. “I started to think about the parallels between our society and George Orwell’s “1984”, and the germ of this book was born.” explains Geoffrey.

In homage to Orwell’s original masterpiece, Geoffrey’s target is consumerism and unrestrained power of a small minority.

“We already live in a consumer society in which a very few corporations gather information on us, through social media and the internet of things, which can be used to control our behaviour as consumers without our being able to do much about it.”

If we are so dependent on the technologies that others control, what would we do if all our smart technology were to be suddenly withdrawn from us? How would we survive? This novel explores The Withdrawal.

Order your author signed copy today. The Withdrawal is published in hardback, priced £14.99. The book is available exclusively via this website and direct from Fantom until it’s trade release in November.

Geoffrey will be attending a number of events over the next month to promote his new novel including Whooverville on Saturday 31st August in Derby; Vworp on Sunday 8th September in Manchester and Saturday 28th September at our regular Chiswick signings. Details of which can be found here!