New Who Talk: Daleks vs. Ice Warriors!

We go back to the earliest days of Doctor Who and a pair of seventies classics with June’s releases!

A title which is sure to excite many fans arrives this month as part of the Who Talk range; The Dead Planet covers the first ever Dalek story.

“When we started the range we wanted to cover all of the episodes for which there hadn’t been a commentary recorded,” explains producer Paul WT Ballard. “This release means that we have now plugged all of the missing commentary gaps, although this one has taken a bit longer than anticipated to complete!”

Series regulars William Russell and Carole Ann Ford are joined by a host of names to recall this seminal production.

“I’m really proud with what we have achieved so far, although we’re by no means finished with our work on Sixties Who, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for future releases!” says Paul.

The Dead Planet is moderated by Toby Hadoke, and features William Russell, Carole Ann Ford, David Graham, Brian Hodgson, Clive Doig and Richard Martin. The special edition includes episodes moderated by Nicholas Pegg, featuring Carole Ann Ford, Virginia Wetherell and Robert Shearman.

The last pair of releases included Daleks and Ice Warriors, and so the second release this month features… Ice Warriors?

“Completely by chance, I promise,” laughs Paul. “I’m thrilled to have Ysanne Churchman on this release; she hasn’t done all that many interviews on the series, and this was her first time watching an episode of it.”

In addition to a complete new commentary track for The Curse of Peladon, there are also tracks for two episodes of its sequel The Monster of Peladon.

“Nick Hobbs and Marcia Wheeler cover the two middle instalments,” says Paul. “I love where possible to get technical people involved in the commentaries because they have such a handle on the mechanics of how the show was put together. Marcia has amazing recall on the production.”

Peladon is moderated by Toby Hadoke, and features Katy Manning, Ysanne Churchman, Nick Hobbs, Wendy Danvers, Sylvia James and Marcia Wheeler.