New Biography: Jacqueline Hill

One of the original stars of Doctor Who, Jacqueline Hill, is celebrated in this newly released, officially authorised biography.

We are proud to present, for the first time, a biography of Doctor Who star Jacqueline Hill, written by new author Louise Bremner. But what inspired Louise to write this book?

“Jackie is so well loved by Doctor Who fans, and when I started this project we were coming up to the 50th anniversary of the programme, so there was a lot of interest in the real stories behind it. I knew from existing material about her (like the documentary A Life in Pictures) that she’d had a difficult start in life, and it really seemed as if there was more there to explore. I’ve always been interested in what you might call “ordinary” women’s lives, but her experiences kind of bridged the ordinary and the exceptional. And also, there were so many mysterious or half-forgotten elements to her story that I was drawn to the process of shining a bit of light into those shadows: everything from exactly what happened to her parents, to the details of her early TV career.”

So whilst fans might recognise Jacqueline primarily for her work on Doctor Who, there’s a lot more to take away from this, asserts Louise.

“The Hartnell years have been pretty closely studied already; I guess the main difference here is simply that Jackie is at the centre of this account. I hope it contributes some additional context about how the job of playing a Who companion fitted into the wider lives of working actors in those early days.”

Someone who was key to writing this book was Jacqueline’s widow, renowned director Alvin Rakoff.

“Alvin has been really generous with his time and shared lots of personal memories. I wouldn’t have gotten far without his input – even if he didn’t know or remember something, he would often point me in the direction of someone who might. I’m extremely grateful that he was not only willing to do that, but so eloquent in his own descriptions of events from more than sixty years ago.

A Future in Five Minutes is now available in hardback priced £16.99