Two all-time classic Doctor Who stories come under the spotlight in the first new Who Talk releases of 2020!

The first of this month’s releases is a story which has been long requested from followers of the range: Revelation of the Daleks.

“Quite early on we were determined to get Colin Baker in studio to watch Revelation, as it was the only one of his stories he didn’t watch for the BBC DVDs,” explains producer Paul W T Ballard. “So we were thrilled when he agreed to join us and head back to Necros for a highly entertaining recording session.”

“For the alternative episode two, we reunited director Graeme Harper with William Gaunt,” continues Paul, “and both versions of the release contain bonus interview material, so I think Revelation has been well and truly covered!”

Revelation is moderated by Toby Hadoke, and features Colin Baker, Trevor Cooper, Bridget Lynch-Blosse, Colin Spaull, and a bonus interview with Graeme Harper. The special edition includes an alternative track with William Gaunt and Graeme Harper, as well an interview with Eric Saward.

The second release of the month comes from a different Baker’s era of Doctor Who; the Tom Baker classic Pyramids of Mars.

“Pyramids is one of the greatest Doctor Who stories, and I really wanted to cover it with Who Talk,” says Paul. “We were lucky to have three very skilled behind-the-scenes commentators in the form of Philip, George and James. James is also revealed to have had quite an important part on screen in Doctor Who history…”

“However, I would like this release to act as a tribute to the lovely Nick Burnell, who played the lead mummy in the serial. Nick had appeared at a few events with us, and was very keen to take part in the recording, even though he was seriously unwell. He has sadly since passed away, but I am so pleased fans will be able to hear his great anecdotes about working on the show.”

Pyramids of Mars is moderated by Toby Hadoke, and features Nick Burnell, Philip Hinchcliffe, George Gallaccio, James Burge, John Dorney and Joseph Lidster.