New Title Tuesday: Run the Shadows, Walk the Sun

Fantom Publishing is thrilled to announce the much anticipated autobiography from John Levene best known for playing Sgt. Benton in classic Doctor Who.

He has had a few names during his many lives, but the one for which he is best known is John Levene, the self-taught actor who brought to life the much-loved Benton in Doctor Who. Yet, his journey to our TV screens was hard and frequently painful, and what came afterwards was just as traumatic.

This is the emotional and truthful account of a life that should not have been lived. We follow the pure highs and brutal lows of a working class Salisbury lad, and his struggle to get away from his origins as an ill, under-educated and misunderstood boy with no genuine prospects in a world in which he did not fit. His journey takes him to places like London’s West End as a private detective ; Paris, Spain and Africa where he organised spectacular events. Then crossing the globe to South America to witness the enormous gulf between rich and poor, before moving to Hollywood and daring to dream of success.

Run the Shadows, Walk the Sun demonstrates that your life is not automatically set out for you when you are born. There are opportunities to be grasped if only you have the courage to take them.

The book will be launched at our February Signing Spectacular on 23rd February, where John will be reunited with his follow Cybermen from The Moonbase; Derek Chaffer & Barry Noble. John will also be appearing at Valiant in Sheffield on 2nd March.

The autobiography, written with Michael Seely, is printed in hardback priced £19.99. All pre-orders will be signed by the author and dispatched on 26th February, dedications available upon request, please email us together with your order number.

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