Fright 5: The Stones of Blood

Our fifth fright offer is from our Who Talk range of Doctor Who commentaries covering The Stones of Blood.

The Doctor Who serial The Stones of Blood was the 100th story broadcast, and formed part of the Key to Time season. With blood devouring stones, ravens, a witch goddess and sacrifices, it certainly had more than a touch of the Hammer Horror about it!

The Who Talk range started back in 2015, and was originally intended to provide commentary tracks for Doctor Who stories, left out by the DVD range. Such has been the popularity of the series that it has continued to grow and expand, covering serials new and old, from all eras of the Doctor’s travels.

This unofficial commentary track, moderated by Toby Hadoke, reunites cast and crew to watch all four episodes of The Stones of Blood, and also features an additional alternative option for episode three. So if you want to settle in with a Halloween themed Doctor Who, and enjoy the memories of those who made it, then this is the release for you!