Fright 6: Night of the Wolf & Dark

The sixth fright is a pair of horror audio dramas from the pen of Doctor Who writer Victor Pemberton.

Victor Pemberton was born in London in 1931, and worked as a producer, writer and scriptwriter throughout his life, contributing to a range of different series, including Timeslip and Fraggle Rock. During the Patrick Troughton era of Doctor Who, he worked as an assistant script editor, and wrote the classic serial Fury from the Deep.

Fury from the Deep was influenced by his earlier radio success with a seven part serial called The Slide, which starred Roger Delgado, Maurice Denham and Miriam Margolyes. Whilst The Slide still exists in the BBC archives, a number of his other productions don’t, which led to Fantom commissioning these two full cast recordings of two of his favourite plays.

Night of the Wolf is an atmospheric werewolf story, starring Fenella Fielding.

Refusing to believe that his son is dead, Judge Mathew Deacon travels across the Atlantic to Cambridge to search for evidence of his son’s fate.

However when his enquiries take him to the isolated homestead of the Northcotts, he discovers the real circumstances behind his son’s sudden disappearance – and the secrets which have permeated the Northcott family for generations.

Dark is a taught psychological ghost tale, starring Tracey Childs and Judith Paris.

Tormented by the spirit of her dead husband – Virginia Preston seeks help from a young medium Simon Elliot.

But as questions commence and the investigation begins; Simon uncovers the real truth behind the events leading up to the murder of her younger lover and the execution of her husband, in this intense psychological paranormal thriller from Victor Pemberton.

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